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Thread: You're doing it wrong, dumbass

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    You're doing it wrong, dumbass

    Today, I report that we did not beat Kael. We had absolutely zero chance of winning, because our raid leaders are dumb and don't have the strats.

    Shis/Lancit and Rageheart had the strats, of course, and they tried very hard to tell us how wrong we were. We just wouldn't listen to them. They made some really good efforts to do the exact opposite of what our raid leaders asked, intentionally disrupting our plans so that they might save us from doing it wrong. Alas, since the two of them were the only people going against the plan, they weren't able to succeed by themselves.

    After that terribleness, Shis/Lancit and Rageheart went on to explain to our members what they were doing wrong. Of course, our members were a little confused. After all, Shis/Lancit and Rageheart just went completely against what the raidleaders said! No one seems to have told our members that they're a lot smarter than everyone else.

    Don't forget - Rageheart can sustain 107k DPS and has never been outparsed by anyone ever in the history of everything.

    For those of you that are incapable of understanding sarcasm... we beat Kael. Rageheart and Shis/Lancit did everything wrong, blamed everyone else for it, lied about their abilities, and became the first people in the 13-year history of the guild to fail eval by unanimous vote in only 5 days.

    Here's what Voth had to say on the matter:

    As another aside: Rageheart, while claiming he has never been beat on a parse, not only did less than half his boasted DPS but also got the shit beat out of him by our other DPSers. And he had a bard, shaman, beastlord, and ranger in his group.

    Since Rageheart and Shis have prompted a stream of YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG, DUMBASS stuff, here's a few other gems - starting with a parenting fail from Solz.

    Next we'll look at the progress of the gaming industry over the last 12 years. To do that, we'll begin by looking at a 1999 panda, and comparing it to a 2012 panda.

    Here is the 1999 panda.

    Here is the 2012 panda.


    Blizzard, I have one thing to say to you: YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG, DUMBASS.

    And here is Shis/Lancit after he read up on condom usage:

    We also have a multi-level fail.

    Lastly, we have the Tenacity version of doing it wrong. The kind where you do the wrong thing wrong, so it turns out to be right. That's not exactly what this image is showing, but it's close enough.

    And now for your moment of Zen...

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    If you think you beat rageheart on a parse, you probably add it wrong.

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    I took a Rageheart and wiped my Shis.

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    So the first panda, the "Elder Panda", looks mean and ready to chase you down to eat you. The second panda, looks all cuddly and huggable. I would put forth that the second panda is the more dangerous panda. They have evolved to look cuddly and innocent so you run up to them, ask them to teach you kung fu, and give them a hug....then they EAT you!!! They no longer have to run after you, and judging by the pudgy belly, he is very successful at his craft .

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    Epic update, almost as good as when we finally Minta-beast and Dunhere in Cooling Chambers

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    I told you guys he was bad news and I dont even play anymore HAHAHA

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    I'm drunk and had sex with a stranger all night. WWSD?

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    I'm at your mom's house.
    Quote Originally Posted by Turgor View Post
    I'm drunk and had sex with a stranger all night. WWSD?
    Was he gentle?


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