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 Guild Guidelines


All members are required to treat each other as equals, and must show respect for each other even if they are on bad terms or in disagreement. Be mature, don't be some snot nosed punk with a chip on his shoulder and a bad attitude. If you have REAL problems with someone take it to an officer. They'll help you out. This might look like it contradicts our general behavior, but it doesn't. It's a fine line to walk between just teasing someone, and openly flaming them or insulting them. One is done in fun, the other is done in malice. There's no place for malice in Tenacity. You're expected to be an adult, and work things out accordingly. Drama gets you no where so dont bring it.


Be courteous to others. We aren't going to pretend we are always polite, or that we don't use profanity, because we do. Everyone is given a chance and given the benefit of the doubt but the moment they take advantage of us they lose our respect and getting it back is not an easy thing to do. Don't flame those who haven't earned it. Keep the profanity and loquacious behavior confined to guild chat and let the officers deal with the jackasses. Joking around in good fun is fine, but you know damn well when you are crossing the line. If you find yourself thinking twice about something, drop it.


Each and every member of Tenacity holds equal standing with every other member. Every voice has equal weight on guild issues. No one will be censored for their opinions and no one should feel as though they cannot speak their mind. Don't drag drama bullshit into guild chat, we despise soap opera bullshit. HOWEVER, If you disagree with loot policy, this is the only time you will be slaped upside the head with a 2x4 for not having the sense to discuss it rationally with an officer. Why on loot? Because even if you are asking a simple question why someone got something without even being upset about it you just margionalized their upgrade and robbed them of their happy time. You could just want to know why that class would get that item and still stir up more shit then you can handle. You better not use this as an opportunity to whine. DO NOT SEND THE WINNER A TELL ASKING THEM WHAT THEY HAD OR COMMENT - YOU WILL BE FUCKING YOURSELF OVER FAST.

Help each other

If the guild isnt on an official raid and a member asks for help with something, drop what you are doing and help them if what they want help with will better their character. Farming shit for your own gain should become the last thing you are doing in this guild. Help your members out and they will repay it. Help yourself out and nobody will do shit for you when you need it. You will NOT USE THIS GUILD FOR PROFIT. You will NOT FARM ITEMS THE GUILD SEEKS FOR YOURSELF TO SELL. If you have something you would like to sell, contact an officer and see how they feel, we might even want to buy it and then award to a member. DO NOT USE GUILD CHAT TO SELL YOUR WARES EVER.


We expect you to give your all for the guild, and in return we will give our all for you. If someone needs your help, give it. If you need some help, ask for it (you may have to ask LOUDLY to get our attention) and you'll get it. If you are in a group and a spot becomes available ask the guild if anyone is interested first before you pick up someone else. We can help finish quests anytime, but if a boss pops and we need him, we gotta move fast or it'll be dead before we blink. There will be slow days to work on quests and experience.


This is a game. Enjoy it. Have FUN. If you find yourself twitching because we lost a kill or wiped out... if you're about to go off because you just aren't in the mood for our usual brand of assinine humor... then our job here is done. We do some shit in this game no matter how old it is "Because its damn fun(tm)" which can include content as far as 4 years old.

Message Board

Visit and post on the Message Board. If you don't you can get your access removed and have to use Krieg for your sole communications with the guild. The message board is the center of communication for the guild, if you don't go there, you are missing out. If you do not have access to the forums, e-mail tiberinus@tenacityguild.com or send a private message to Tiberinus. Read the Guild Strategies section. Read the Tactics Discussions. Read the class boards and contribute anything you have. After every raid, read the post mortems where we discuss problems, success, and other strengths and weaknesses. Go in with an open mind and be ready to be critisized if you fucked up - We all fuck up. We often discuss issues we are having AND NEVER BE AFRAID TO ASK A QUESTION.

Guild Website

Create a profile on the website. Log into the website and create a profile there for all of your characters. Fill it out accurately, our officers use this to keep tabs on how everyone's doing for gear and flags and various details are put in reports to show weaknesses. No profile, no loot consideration, so get your lewtwhore ass up there and create one. Magelo is imported regularly, so when Magelo is working, keep your Magelo up to date with Flags, Keys, AAs, Gear and other items.

Never Go Anonymous

Do not go anonymous! You hide your guild tag, we'll take it away from you so that you don't have anything to be embarrassed about. We want to see where you are if you are not at the raid - and if you are Annonymous we send out our clandestine search parties and more often then not find out why you're hiding and drop you like Shimo's pants in the Blue Oyster. You will not have to worry about how we feel about you, because you will be punted, banned and everyone will get a good laugh.

Raid Attendance

Unlike most of these hapless uberguilds you read about clearing Demi Plane in 3 hours with 30 people, we actually believe that real life is more important than Everquest. Hence, our raid attendance policy is actually quite simple. We maintain enough active members to keep this policy possible:

We expect to see our members playing between four and five days a week for periods of three hours or more per session.

When you play Everquest, and how long you play it for, are pretty much up to you. Take days or weeks off if you have shit to do in RL or if you need a break; nobody's going to fault you for that. However... we're going to be mighty put out with members (especially new members) who just suddenly disappear with no warning, no explanation, and then take weeks or months off. We're trying to maintain a guild of players who want to see and do everything during the time they spend in the game. Occasionally, we'll plan something really big where we want everyone to try and be online. This usually only happens on a first attempt at a new mob or when we are really, really fucking pissed off at something and need to destroy it. Normally we have between 35-50 players on in prime time raid hours, but when we want that mother fucker to die and die well we have summoned up 60+ players and kill the pig in record time.

We reward players for time invested. Those who invest more, get more. You'll be last in line if you don't show up. This is a raiding guild. Make sure you attend a couple of raids a week, the times you choose to attend are left up to you... use whatever fits your schedule. Most of us are around from 5PM EST to Midnight EST every day of the week, with longer hours on weekends. If you cant invest time in us you cant expect us to invest in you.

Guild Chat

Keep it on ALL the time. This is where all the fun happens. Keep it profane, furious, and funny. The GMs are reading it after all and we wouldn't want to disappoint them. Keep the real personal attacks out of it. If you've got personal problems with another guild member, the last thing, I mean the very last thing you want to do is drag it into guild chat.

Public Chat Channel Guidelines

Keep the profanity out of public chat channels. Also refrain from making idiotic and assinine statements in public channels. If you absolutely *MUST* harass someone in public chat, at least have the courtesy not to put the guild in a bad position, and keep it clean. If, for example, you talk smack for an hour about our capabilities, then we fail miserably on an encounter, and look like asses because of what you said, you'll be spending some time in the "Icehealer Box" where we summon up that flamer and have him hump your leg.

Guild Issues and Public Forums

Keep guild issues confined to guild chat and the guild message boards. Posting quotes from the guild message boards and chat logs in game about controversial or private guild issues will get you kicked out on your ass. If you've got problems, flame away on the member message boards, but that's as far as it goes, period. Do not fall for the flame bait and drag the guild into no matter how strongly you feel about it. What you say is YOUR opinion never assume the guild or leadership is behind you.

Guild Officers/Others

Tiberinus is the guild leader and as such has the final word on any and all issues, period, end of story. I put up with entirely too much shit, so if you've got problems, take it to your class leader or one of the officers first. I get tells constantly and the last thing you should do is shoot me a tell talking about your day (Hi Goraug). Its not that I am not approachable but for crying out loud; dont bother me over the little things - Thats what the other officers are for.

Dasheva, Doliin, Legarom, Emarie, Shimo, Tautog, Phyro, and Zaray round out the rest of the officers and help the raids function and carry out tasks.

Many of the guilds functions are managed through delegation. You will see someone in your class giving out instructions, and likely they are either the class leader or were instructed to do so. If in doubt, just ask one of the officers.

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