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Team Tenacity goes Latin

Jul 02, 2015 - 1:02 AM - by Vothsisx
Vothsisx's Avatar
Team Tenacity brushed up on our Latin and finally took care of Captain Tita Kardashian and her obscene ass with the help of our friends in Pactus Aquilus.

(Not involved in the raid is Kanye West, who was apparently busy in Plane of Water.)

Once her fawning drones were taken care of and she was properly situated, we made sure she would never harm anyone again.

It's amazing what we can do when we just log in!

Team Tenacity has a joint

Jun 30, 2015 - 1:42 AM - by Vothsisx
Vothsisx's Avatar
No, we're not dead yet. Times may be tough and I'm as grumpy as ever, but we're still doing what we do best: screwing around!

Team Tenacity has joined forces with Pactus Aquilus to stomp out the sorry excuse for an expansion otherwise known as Call of the Forsaken, sending Princess Peach back to her castle and Istillhavenoideawtfhappenedinthisexpansion. Seriously, none of this made any sense. If you're looking for a good read, I recommend my book, but until EverQuest hires me, we're stuck with their drivel.

Here's a picture of us basking in victory. It's amazing what we can do if we just log in and raid!

Stay classy, Tenacity. The revenge of the Latin expansion from TBS is next!

Tenacity Fantasy IV

Jan 18, 2015 - 8:41 PM - by Vothsisx
Vothsisx's Avatar
After a long break, Team Tenacity returns to battle the evils of whatever-the-fuck was supposed to be happening in Call of the Forsaken. Their journey leads them to the Tower of Rot, where Princess Pedayenaya is being held captive!

Oh no! Team Tenacity's progress is impeded by a trio of old adversaries.

The battle was fierce but they managed to prevail.

Upon confronting Lord Kyle Bayle, Riffen becomes enraged!

Instead of healing, Riffen nukes the bejesus out of him!

Team Tenacity is triumphant!

A happy ending indeed!

Team Tenacity is Metrosexual

Aug 27, 2014 - 1:29 PM - by Vothsisx
Vothsisx's Avatar
Several weeks ago the members of Team Tenacity got in touch with their feminine side and ventured to the hip new location of Argin Hiz to hang out with some flaming elves.

Unfortunately, we are a bunch of good ol' boys and couldn't stand their prissy bullshit so we had to nuke their desert home.


Now for your moment of Zen


The Impossible Dream

Mar 24, 2014 - 10:32 PM - by Vothsisx
Vothsisx's Avatar
My fellow Tenacitizens, friends and enemies,

In this year of 2014, we, the EverQuest guild of Tenacity of the Xegony server have won EQ. The current expansion is in shambles at our feet and remains on permanent farm status weekly. This is the first time in the history of this guild that such a thing has been done, and with some determination and hard work we will keep doing so as more content is released. This was done by no single person, and great recognition needs to be given to those who are with us now and who have left us to go on to greater things.

Tiberinus - You are like a second father to me. Rock the fuck on, man.
Zaray - Never lose that mouth. You make a sailor blush.
Shimo - Keep on plundering those tourists in the African seas.
Eats - Mix up the spices once in a while man. Life is too short to worry about all that stuff.
Tautog - I blame you for my joining this band of lunatics back in 2006.
Zyris - You've always been there for me.
Pedayenaya - Damn girl, you're sexy.
Kakan - If I ever see you again I'm going to bitch slap you. You said you would be back!

Turgor - Some day you will be a real bot.
Bamurien - Go get laid.
Beab - Nice heals.
Linyla - I'll think of witty to say later on.

Nanook - Thank you for staying with us all this time. I would apologize for forcing you to become a class leader, but you know how it goes.
Dulerien - Get some augs man.
Solzanus - Welcome back to hell!
Soulhate - Elidroth sucks. He's coming to nerf you again.
Heindor - Drink your milk and you can see above a chair.
Quickquiver - Thanks for buying my book and being a patriot.
Allushion - I hear Spoon is going to be the next warrior defensive.

Fenudwin - I'll never forget the time you asked, "Which mob first?" When we were in some event with a single tank and spank boss.
Hharley - I'm sorry you have to deal with Ccrider.
Lewse - You're alright for a Beastlord.
Rureen - See above.
Krieg - Your bird still gives me nightmares.
Claena - Thanks for your service.

Taarnaa - The only person who gets my references to Phantom of the Opera.
Aenelf - Grandpa Riffen would be sad if he knew how much you healed.
Riema - I'm glad they never made a Fabled Hatchet because of you guys.
Ccrider & Theons - Despite what certain people have said, enchanters are not useless and will always have a place in my guild so long as you cast haste on me.
Motasa - I wish you the best of luck as a porn superstar.
Seamist - One of these days you'll log in having a good day and I'll have a heart attack.
Shimazuul - I think you're really an Iksar at heart.
Cattyra - Did you ever figure out any more of the mysteries in my book?
Celtic Dana Heindor, Datzy Ghubuk and Elmo - Don't forget what it means to be a knight.
Buanu & Xandriax - You two need to eat better or you'll never get taller.
Lorori - You've come a long way.
Jaida - It's been a pleasure having you along.

Keep it nasty, Tenacity.

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